Friday, November 2, 2012

Walt Disney World

                 Walt Disney World is a name of best travel spot of the world. It is situated in Lake Vista, Florida. Disney world is a most visited entertainment resort. It covers more than 30,080 acres area. It has more than 30 resorts, theme park, five golf courses, two water parks, two spas and fitness centers and other attractive venues. Disney is a self-contained world. It is maintained by world Disney Company

                 Attraction: Actually Walt Disney World is a great source of unlimited attraction. If any visitor wants to visit all its attractive spots, he or she must have to spend more times.  Here Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom and Epcot are the main four Theme parks of these world famous places. Magic Kingdom is firsttheme parks. It is also known as Magic Kingdom Park. It is situated in Bay Lack and start on first October 1971. This Magic kingdom looks like a wheel because it is divided in to six parts. Frontierlaand, Liberty square, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Formerlands etc are the main attraction of the main land. In 2011 more than seventeen million people visits this Magic Kingdom and it known as a most visited theme park in the whole world.

                Water Park: In 1989 and 1995 two water park opened here named Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. Typhoon Lagoon is world’s largest water pool. Here you can find nice picnic spots and much more attractive recourse. Blizzard Beach is third attractive one.  Golf andrecreation: For visitors the authority arranges five golf courses.

                 Disney’s World largest garden: It is most famous animal’s garden in the world. More than 1700 animals are available. This animals kingdom parks are divided in two parts. Discovery area, Oasis, camp Minnie-mickey, Asia, Rafikis etc are the main attraction of this places.

                      Not only this but also Downtown Disney, Disney’s Boardwalk, Disney’s Wedding Pavilion, Disney’s world Sports Complex are etc the source of great attraction to the visitors of Walt Disney world. Here the authority arranges different transportation system for visitors.

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  1. Disney is such a beautiful place! I was looking up pictures for hints for my kids. We are going to surprise them with a trip in January! They know they are going somewhere they just don't know where yet. We were so excited we got reservations at our Disney Resorts too. Thanks for the post!


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