Friday, December 20, 2013

Visiting the Trafalgar Square in London

          Trafalgar square in London is a historical place in England. Being the largest square in England, very few other squares in Europe or even outside Europe has a more famous square. It is a place where cultural events, protests everything and anything happens. There are websites online where they send regular feed from Trafalgar Square in London 24/7. So you can guess how busy and important the square is to the English and to the world. Many great protests even recent ones like the ninety nine percent against the one percent movement that started around the world and is still gong on. It is also a great tourist attraction, because of its scenic and architectural beauty. Four bronze lions overview the square. The Trafalgar Square in London is the centre of all political and social movements in London. The square also held many concerts by the greatest bands of the world.

         The buildings and monuments around the square number in around the three figures and after being rebuilt and redecorated by Sir Charles Berry in 1845 the square has hardly seen a day when an event has not been hosted there. The Trafalgar Square in London is an emblem of the social and political changes that shaped the modern civilization. 
            One very interesting fact about the Trafalgar Square in London is that pigeons flocked there and Londoners and pleasure seekers in London fed them many movies show this scene exclusively from this square. But there was a problem and the pigeons needed to be controlled when literally a lot of pigeon droppings started to discolour and ruin the architecture and old monuments around n and around the square. SO the authorities of Trafalgar Square in London devised an ingenious plan to scare away the pigeons by employing professional Falconers(people who train falcons). If you thought that was cool you will be interested to know the recent transformation of the square and how led bulbs and latest technologies are making the square environment friendly. The fountain in the middle can shoot water very high into the sky and at night when the led bulbs lights up a magic Show begins at Trafalgar Square in London. 

             It is a widely held belief that if you drop a coin into the fountain and make a wish that wish is kept by God so even if you are not a person of faith you are bound to love the sight of the underwater zigzag of cons on the fountain floor.

          New Year and Christmas is probably the best time to be at the square where tens of thousands of people countdown the start of a new year and the Christmas with mind blowing fireworks. And on the onset of Christmas a huge Christmas tree a token of appreciation of all the help the UK has given to Norway is put up as the man attraction of the square. Along with many decorations and of course, you guessed it! Santa Clause! The square s always full of life with all sorts of people, if you have a disability and cannot get on to the square fear not, the square has lifts to help you. The security is always monitored and you can always rely on the world class police of London for your safety.
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