Saturday, October 6, 2012

Phi Phi Island, Thailand.

           The Phi phi is a name of world famous group of islands. It is situated in the country of Thailand. This islands has six part. According to the language of Thailand ko phi phi is a island which is largest and best travel spots  in this group. It is only one place for permanent inhabitants of this country.  Ko phi phi Lee is second largest island in the group and every year many visitors visit it. Bida Nok, Bamboo island, Bida Noi are not so big like this two but this are the rest of the group of islands.
             The climate of this place is tropical. It has two seasons. One of them is hot another is rainy season. May to December  is the time of rainy season. The rest of the month are hot season. Both of this season is enjoyable for the tourist who come from abroad to visit.

              In Phi Phi Ley and Phi Phi Don islands there are twelve famous beaches. Most of  the beaches offer something different from others. Because of their different attraction they are the twelve best beaches in Phi Phi islands.

        In Phi Phi Ley Maya Bay should be best. In this beaches Leonardo Di Caprio made his one of famous backpacker movie. Among the three beaches of Maya Bay the south one is most largest and famous. In mid afternoon visitors gather their. As there are many beaches in Phi Phi Don, so it is difficult to find out which is best. According to the authority information, Loh Dalum is best in Phi Phi Don village. It is situated in the northern side of the two famous village. It is one of the main attraction of Phi Phi Don islands.

                   In Phi Phi there are something new. Twenty km of snorkeling sites is avail able in this island. Bamboo Island is another beaches for snorkeling. Finally it is very attractive place for tourist. So they can enjoy this by visiting this Pai Pai islands. Here you can get all kinds of facilities and heals.

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