Monday, October 17, 2011

The Statue of Liberty.

     France help America to archive its freedom from the British at the time of American Revaluation. They gave arms, ships, money etc to the American. some french people specially Marquis DE Lafayette became friend and high ranking officers in American army.It was a way of friendship and honor that the people of fence would not forget. From this time statue of liberty has become freedom and liberty, the and the symbol of democracy in the world. On October 28, 1986 the statue of liberty celebrate her 100th birthday.  
       When the statue of liberty dedicated, she was the tallest one in America.This time its height was three hundred and five feet. But spiritual center overtake the lady liberty. The saint Paul’s building situated in New York Harbor. This building cross the lady statue of liberty because it is three hundred and ten feet long.
     The Statue of Liberty was designed by Frederic Bartholdi.The French people give donation to complete the statue of Liberty. It is known as Liberty Enlightening the world.The designed was finalized by Bartholdi.After completing the design the statue was build using wooden molds, an iron, a copper shell. After finishing the work, on 07.04.1884 French delivered the statue to the American Ambassador in pairs.It was then 151 feet tall and 225 ton wet.
      The American authority cut the statue into three hundred pieces and packed it in    to two hundred fourteen wooden crates.The American delayed the the statue of the pedestal because of their lack of funds. They solved their problems and finally the statue was re-assembled on her new pedestal. The statue of liberty was dedicated on 28.10.1886.
      In miss Liberty there are about three hundred fifty four steps inside the statue. there are twenty five viewing windows in the crown.
      On 15th October,1924 the president declared the statue to be a national monument. The national park of America took over its administrations and other related works.

      In nineteen hundred eighty six the French American committee for the restoration of the statue of liberty was established. They visit and follow primary report of the NPS. From this report they understand that most essential work needed to be done. And it must do in very short time. Then the statue-Ellis Island foundation was formed to oversee any needed restoration. Privet contributions were the powerful backbone of the foundations success.
        America threw a interesting birthday party for the statue of liberty on 4th July, nineteen hundred eighty six. This time a beautiful golden sunset glowing in the background. This time the president declared like this- Later, the president pressed a button that sent a laser beam across the water toward the statue. This time  the authority make this place more attractive and enjoyable towards the world by 1.5 billion television viewers.

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