Friday, September 16, 2011

Golden Taj Mohol

Symbol of love.                                                 
 Taj mohol the wonder of world, situated in India. The Mhghal emperor Shah Jahan built it in Agra between 1631 to 1648. The taj mohol is the jewel of muslim art in India. Shah jahan built taj mohol in memory of his third favorite wife mumtaz mahal, who died in childbirth.                         
        Taj mahal is the rare and finest example of mughal architecture. Its a style that combines from Turkish,Persian and Indian architecture. Shah jahan came to power in 1622 when he seized from his father, while killing his brothers to ensure his claim to rule. He was known asa cruel leader. But he redeemed himself by his generosity to the poor and his friends, by his passion in adorning India with some of its mostbeautiful architecture, and by his devoting to his wife Momtaz Mahal  Ornament ot  the place.Shah Jahan married her when he was only 21 years. But in this time he had two children  by an earlier consort. In eighteen years, Mumtaz gave her husband fourteen children. But she died at her final child. Then he was 39 years old.

         History: Many architects have rated it as the most perfect of all buildings standing on earth. Three artists designed it.  they are persian,Italian and Frenchman. But the design is completely mohammedan. Even the skilled artisans who built it were brought  in from Baghdad, Constantinople, and other centers of the Muslim faith. For  22 years more than 20,000 workmen were forced to build Taj Mohol. The maharaj of joipur share the marble as a gift to Shah Jahan. In today's currency the building cost more than $200,000,000.In taj mohol tomb is the central focus of the entire complex of the taj mohol. This big, white marbel structure stands on a square plinth consists of asymmetrical building with an iwan topped by a big dome and finial. Like most mughal tombs, the basic elements are persian.  
                The taj mohol complex is bounded on 3 sides by great walls,with the river facing side left open. Out side the walls are several additional mausoleums ,including those of shah jahans  other wives, and a larger tomb for Mumtazs favorite servant.These structure's composed primarily of red sandstone, are typical of the smaller Mughal tombs of the era. The garden-facing inner sides of the wall are fronted by columned arcades, a featur typical of Hindu temples which was later incorporated into Mughal Mosque. the wall is interspersed with domed chapattis  and small buildings that may have been viewing areas or which towers like the music house, which is now used as a museum.  


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