Friday, November 30, 2012

Burj Kalifa

                  The name of world’s tallest building is Burj khalifa. This world’s famous skyscraper is situated in Dubai. It is also known as the name of Dubai tower. Burj Kalifa is such a building which is fully constricted by man. It is 2722 feet high. The construction of this building start on 21th September, 2004 and it close its all work in first October 2009. Total 160 floors (334000 square meters) are usable. To complete this building the authority expense 1.5billion us dollar. In 4th January2010 this building opened officially. Skidmore was the designer of this tallest building.

              This building has sixteen different world wide records. The world’s higher positions mosque situated in burj kalifa. This mosque is 600 meters over from land. This is the building which get the awards of ‘’Best Tall Buildings Awards Ceremony’’ in 2010.

                Burj Klifa has some special exception. For this exception it is recognized as world’s tallest tower. This tower is not only world’s tallest man made building but also 16 different records (include it). The first records are that, tallest building of the world. This is the only building which has 162 floors. It is the tallest free standing building. Height mosque of the world situated in  Braj Kalifa. The elevator of this tower has 5500 kg capacity and it is the world’s tallest. 7500 Skilled workers of South Asia worked in this biggest project.
              Burj Khalifa Park is a popular place. Visitors from different country of the world come here to watch this tourist spot. But here you have to maintain some rules for safety. They have to store their bags in the cheek room. If you face any kinds of problem here you can get help from the top guest ambassador. Alcohol, Glass bottles, Knives, Fireworks are not allot here. Tourist can visit this building. Transport system of this place is very easy.

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