Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lake District, England

                  Lake District is a name of popular holiday destination in North West of England. It is also known as the Lake. In 1951 it is designed as a national park. It is famous for its attractive forest, lakes and high mountains. This Lake District National Park covers more than 2.292 square kilometers which is 1 percent area of Britain. In every year more than 18.5 million visitors gather here to watch its beauty. More than forty thousands of people live in this district.

                   The deepest and longest lakes of England are situated in this park. It has thousands of attraction. Among all the attraction of Lake District Aquarium is one. Don’t miss it because it is the biggest freshwater aquarium in the world.
                   Most of the water falls situated in great lakes region. In Lake District fell and force is interesting thing. Here mountain and hill is available. Fell is another name of hill and force is another name of mountain. So the waterfall of Lake District is great. Most probably twenty percent fresh water of world contain by great lakes. great lakes region are situated in Yellowstone national park. When you keep your first step be careful, because sometime its streams are hot.

                    Now it is famous for walking. Lake Destination is selected as best walking destination in Britain. They select it by vote. Visitors should know proper information about this walking from tourist information center. Only the authority knows more about some specific routes. Lake District is perfect place for biking. It recognized to everybody. The National park authority arranges two separate routes for biking and walking. It will help people keep their steps properly. The Lake Drastic authority makes some easy leaflet for walking and biking. Visitors should collect this leaflet from nearest center. Mountain Biking is hard but interesting. Here sea to sea are exceptional biking routes. In 1996 c2c won global award.

               In Lake District, shops are available for them who want to buy something. Here I write a list of some popular shop from where you can buy according to your need. This are:

             1.      Summitreks Center (1987)

             2.      The Elephant Yard Shopping Center

             3.      Westmorland Shopping Center

             4.      The Lanes Shopping Center

             5.      Jules B

             6.      The Lake District (its own)

             7.      Wheelbase UK

             8.      The Grasmere Gingerbread Sh
                    This is the most populated shop in this national park. Various kind        of crotch, bike etc is sold here. Five star and other Luxury hotels are available   In Lake District. Langdale Chase, Dale Longed, Claremont, Sawrey Country House etc are high quality hotels. Here you can get attractive breakfast. Not only this but also all necessary goods are arranged by them. 

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