Saturday, November 24, 2012

Woburn Safari Park.

                          Woburn Safari Park is a world largest and attractive safari park of the world. It is situated in the country of England. It is a fantastic place for animal loved people. In 1970 the Woburn Safari Park first opened. More than 80 kinds of different animals are available here. Visitors have a great opportunity to enjoy these wild animals by driving cars from them. It is very interesting and also enjoyable. One can earn some awesome experience from this world famous safari park (animals).

                           You can enjoy these places properly by a car. The visitors who has not any personal car he or she can take alternatives way. Here some company gives great opportunities. They arrange some excursions coach for visitors. Animals of this safari park behave naturally. Here you have to maintain some important rules. You cannot take pets, motorcycle etc in this park. When you start your journey here, you can see different big animals beside road. You can see some small animals by side of foot safari. Two by two is another popular restaurant here.

                               From February 10 to November 5 is the mail season here for visitors. Every day it’s open at 10 am and close at 5 pm except leisure area. The admission time of this park divided in to two seasons. They are main season and winter season. The winter season cost less than that of main season.  Family t, group and annual tickets are available in online. This parks cover three thousand acre area. The animals of this pare is endangered.  It is a place, from where visitors (students) can aqua ire various important knowledge. Here you can get free parking opportunities of your car. Playground for kids is available here. Mammoth Play Ark indoor playground is one of them.

                            Road safari is an attractive source of watching magnificent animals. This park land is 360 acres area. Visitors can find various animals at the time of driving in road safari. You can see przewalski horse, bison of America, rhino, zebra, buffalo, Asian elephants, lions, tigers, bear, and different type of monkeys, camels and many other animals. But the authority does not allow driving in Tiger, lion’s etc area.

                            Off all the attractive places  Foot Safari is one. Here you can meet many kinds of smaller animals. They are nice to look. You can say this park penguin world. The pictures of their swimming in water are very nice.  Monkeys are playing in top of tree. Different colors of ruffed, birds etc are also found here.

                            When you become tired and hungry you can go safari restaurant.  Here you can take rest and some food. In this restaurant visitors can find various items of food like hot and cold meals, breakfast, both cold and hot drinks, ice creams and other snacks. The visitor who wants to stay night here he or she can book Olivier’s restaurant. Visitors of different countries can use train to reach Woburn Safari Park.  For more information they can use this- 01525 290407 number. Finally this park will increase your knowledge.

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