Friday, November 16, 2012

Sentosa, singapore.

                    If you want to visit the most famous place of Singapore, you can select Sentosa  as a best and attractive place.  It stands at the southwest side of city center. It is a land of five kilometers by the side of southern coast of the main land situated in Singapore.

Attractions of Singapore:
                    Sentosa is a place of great attraction. To watch this attraction more than five million people visit it in every year. The main attractive places of this place are described below:
Tiger Sky Tower:
                    Tiger sky Tower is a name of full free observing tower in Sentosa. It is the tower which is 360 feet high and 131 meter above the sea level. With the help of Tiger Sky Tower visitors can easily view southern Island, Sentosa, Singapore etc. Here a cable car named Sentosa cable car which is very attractive and popular to the visitors of Sentosa. In 1974 the authority opened this cable car for visitors. Visitors can easily watch the attractive places of Sentosa riding on it. It made of glass. Its charring capacity is 72 people.

Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon:
                     In 1991 Sentosa authority opened a great attractive place named Underwater  World. It is situated on the western part of these historical places. Here one can swim with Dolphins.
 It is very much interesting. But you must use life jackets. Here more than 250 kinds of fresh water animals are available. Really is it a source of great attraction. Mega Zip Adventure Park is another attraction for tourist. It is the first long adventure park of Singapore. It for every visitors you can gather an exceptional experience from here.

                    If you want to visit all interesting places of Singapore, you cannot avoid this Merlion. When you visit it for first times you will be astonished. Because it not an ordinary creature. It is created by the head of a lion and body of a fish. It was designed by a member of Souvenir Committee named Alec Fraser Brunner. Merlion Statue is 8.6 meter tall. This is a national icon.

Songs of the Sea:
                   The name of world’s first permanent show set is “songs of the sea”.  This attractive multimedia program stands Sentosa Island. In January 2006, the authority starts its work and completed in February 2007. With 9, 91,723 honorable guests the authority starts its beginning at26 march 2007. Here the sea and the beach are used as audience gallery.The  show lasted 25 minutes each and two times in a night.

                   The Beach of sentosa is separated into three Partitions. They are   Tanjong, Siloso and Palawan Beach. All The Beach are mane made. The main elements of this beach are sand.  They collect it from abroad. Palawan Beach stands on middle of the southern coast.

Other Attraction:
                   This famous Sentosa has more attractive places. This are- 
1.   Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom
2.   Sentosa 4D Magix
3.   Sentosa Cine Blast
4.   Fort Siloso
5.   Azzura Beach Club
6.   Sentosa Luge and Skyride
7.   Sentosa Flowers
8.   Siloso Beach
9.   Tanjong beach
10. The Flying Trapeze
11. Jewel Cable car
12.  iFly Singapore
13.  Part of Lost Wonder
14.  Fort Siloso
15.  Wave House Sentosa
16.  Sentosa Golf Club
17.  Sentosa Boardwalk
18.  Sentosa Nature Discovery
19.  The Maritime Experiential Musium
20.  Sentosa Segway Eco  Adventure, etc.

Hotels and Spa:
                   Various attractive hotels and spas are available here. From all kinds of hotels traveler select one. They have these opportunities to select according to their budget.
Transportation in Sentosa:
                  Sentosa is situated near Singapore mainland. Visitors can reach Sentosa in different ways. Cable car is more relaxing way here.  From Level three (Vivo city) visitors can ride in Sentosa Express. By placing your passport and Embarkation card you can get the stuff bus.

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