Monday, November 19, 2012

Marina Bay

                        Marina Bay is situated in the main business district of Singapore. It is a popular destination for business, entertainment, high lifestyle, luxury hotel, shopping center etc. It is near the Changi Airport. Every day a lot of people make their communication from this place. Here world’s famous and attractive places are available. This sky park is build with 422000 pounds of real steel. Sky park has a capacity of holding more than 376500 gallons of water.

Marina bay sands.
                     The most famous and attractive Marina Bay Sands situated in front of Singapore’s Marina Bay. It is most expensive property in the world. Marina bay sand is a place which is 24 hours opened with its service. It is number one Integrated Resorts in Singapore. The authority offers twenty four hours reception, conference center, kids club etc. Facilities of flat screen tv, DVD player, mini bar, coffee and tea are available in room. This world famous sand has great attraction. The sky park of marina bay is one of them.

                       Marina Bays Sky Park is the highest park in the world. This is made of three storey towers, more than 2550 rooms and suites. You can find more eighteen types of room. It is well known as the world largest swimming pool. The sky park is 191 meters above from its ground.

Attractions of garden
                       Garden is another great attraction of this bay. There are many gardens here. Of the entire garden Bay south garden, Bay central garden, Bay east garden etc are the main. Bay central garden is used as link among bay east garden and bay south garden. The more attractive developments of bay central garden is coming within a few years. In October 2011, the first part of bay east garden is opened. Its development is running soon. Bay South Park is already completed. In July 29, 2012 the garden is opened after finishing it’s all work. It is the biggest garden among this three. Its total area is 130 acres.

 Shopping and Transportation                    
                              Marina Bay is famous place for shopping.  More than 800000 square feet spaces are allotted for shopping center.  Visitors can buy according to their demands; because various attractive and exceptional things are available here. It is four minutes from marina bay. You can go there by taxi, train etc.



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