Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Niagara Falls

     The Niagara Falls situated on Niagara riverNiagara Falls are divided by two main sections. It separated by a Island named Goat Island.The major sections are HorseshoeFalls and American falls. The Horseshoe Falls situated on the Canadian side and American Falls on American side.The Luna Island also separate another American smaller Bridal Veil Falls from the main falls. 

   The energy of Niagara Falls has been recognized as a source of great power.Daniel Joncaire make a canal avobe the Falls. He make this canal to essential creat power for his sawmill. Two man named Augustus and Peter Porter purchased this area. In 1805 New York state gonernment use all American Falls to make hydraulic power for their gristmill and tannery. Niagara Falls Hydraulic Power and mimimg Company constructed the canals in 1853. They used the canal to generate electricity. In 1881, the authority want to do some things better. They want to make a powerful hydroelectric  generating station. For this reason they make leader to Jacob Schoellkopf. Finally they make first Niagara river’s hydroelectric generating station. After this time New York power Authority takes different steps to mordanised the system.

   Now in canadian side Sir Adam Beck 1 and 2 are the most powerful hydroelectric station on the Niagara River. On the other hand Robert Moses Niagara Power Plant and the Lewiston Pump Generating Plant are the powerful station on the American side. Generally Canadian and American power ststions can produce 4.4 gigawatts of power.

   ‘Niagara Falls’ a great attractive places of the world. It is a tourist attraction and favorite places for visitors. Large numbers of honeymooners gather here to make enjoy. Usually visitors gather in summer time. This places is always attractive. In Niagara Falls both a daytime and evening time attraction is equil. In Canadian side floodlights are available in both side of the falls.

   In American side a floodlights tower is situated. The visitors can easily visit the Falls by walking Prospect Point Park observation tower. From the Goat Island visitors can watch more by foot, bridge avobe the American Falls. There are many ways to make enjoy.

   From the Queen Victoria park one can visit the Niagara Falls of Canadian side. Visitors can easily observ the Niagara Falls from the skylon Tower. Visitor can visit- 
  1.Incline railways at Falls
  2.Welland canal
  4.Niagara Falls of America and canada
  5.Niagara Scow.
   Finally Niagara falls is really attractive places. Every year Lot’s of visitor gather there to make enjoy.

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